Moving Resources

Planning for and organizing a move is stressful. That’s why we’ve compiled these moving resources for your reference. Our goal is to make moving as stress-free as possible.

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Moving Checklist

If possible, start preparing for your move about two months in advance. By pacing yourself, you can ensure you check everything off your to-do list well before moving day arrives. This lowers your stress level and prevents moving from taking over your everyday life.

Here’s a comprehensive moving checklist to help you stay on track leading up to, during, and after moving day.

Utility Shut-Off Information

Disconnecting your utilities from your old home and reconnecting utilities to your new home is an important step you can’t forget. To avoid being left in the dark as you pack, schedule utilities to shut off in your old house the day after you move out. Then, to ensure the gas, electric, phone, cable, and water all work when you move in, schedule utilities to turn on in your new house the day before you move in.

Here’s what you need to know about switching utilities when you move.

Change of Address Information

Government agencies, businesses, friends and family, and others assume your mailing address on file is accurate so they can send you important information. To make sure the stranger moving into your old house isn’t receiving your bank statements and friends’ wedding announcements, you should fill out change of address cards about six weeks before you move.
Access the change of address information you need before moving.

Portable Storage Permits

Many counties and cities, including those in the Washington DC Metro area, require a permit to place a portable storage container or PODS-like storage unit in a private or public right of way. To prevent complications, it’s important to secure the necessary permit in the weeks leading up to moving day.

Find out more about permit requirements before you make arrangements with your moving company.

Parking Permits

When moving day arrives, there must be ample space to park the truck in front of your home or business. If you don’t have your own private driveway, an easy way to reserve space for the truck is to park your car on a nearby street. If the quickest access to your home or business is from the main road, you may need to obtain a parking permit for the moving truck.

These links provide information about securing a parking permit in your area:

Postpone or Cancel Your Move

Sometimes plans change, and it becomes necessary to postpone or cancel your move. If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please call Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 889-8899 at least 72 hours before your scheduled move or pack date.

Also, we want our employees and customers to be safe, so if the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issues a severe storm warning, we may contact you about rescheduling your move.

To keep on top of inclement weather updates, check the Nation Weather Service website.

Free Moving Estimates

Along with having access to all the right moving resources, you also need to secure a reputable mover for the big day. Georgetown Moving and Storage Company has years of experience helping individuals, families, and businesses move to, from, and within the DC Metro area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia.

To request a free moving estimate, please contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 889-8899 or contact us online. We’re here to answer any other questions you have.