Why Georgetown Moving is a better option than Van Lines for your interstate move

When it comes to long-distance moves, moving companies have many different ways of operating.

Some companies, like Georgetown Moving and Storage, provide a door-to-door service. That means that we come to your residence, load our truck with your inventory, and deliver it to your new residence. We do not combine your shipment with other customers. To save costs, other companies will combine customer shipments. While the savings are passed on, there is the chance that shipments can get mixed up and one customer’s items might be accidentally given to the wrong customer.

Georgetown Moving and Storage provides an exact date and time that we will deliver your shipment. Some companies, again in an effort to save on costs, will provide a delivery window in which they will deliver your shipment at the most convenient time for them. Sometimes this window can be as wide as two weeks!

To determine which kind of moving service you need, you will need to identify the criteria most important to you. Are your furniture items and goods expensive or sentimentally valuable? If so, you would probably not want them combined with other shipments. If you are not concerned with your inventory being combined in the same moving truck, this might be an attractive, money-saving option for you. Do you need your belongings delivered in a timely fashion or can you afford to wait for a week or two for your furniture? If you can wait, choosing a moving company that provides an estimated delivery window could save you money on your move.

Georgetown Moving and Storage is here to provide you with competent, professional movers. The same movers who pick-up your inventory from one location will deliver the inventory to your new location. If you need an exact delivery date and time and do not want your shipment combined with other customers, then Georgetown Moving and Storage is the company that you will want to provide you with moving services, whether it is a local move or an out-of-state move.

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