Various Ways of Estimating Your Move and Preparing Moving Quote

Moving companies have various ways of estimating your move. Some offer an estimated cost based on the amount of bedrooms in your home or apartment, some get a detailed inventory by phone, and some offer in-home estimates for your move, and many offer all of these types of estimate.

Georgetown Moving offers detailed phone estimates, online quote system and in-home moving estimates. We know that not all homes or apartments are the same and that two estimates can be drastically different than one another. Because of this aspect, our trained phone estimators go over a detailed inventory list with you by phone going room by room getting to know all of your furniture pieces. Once the phone estimate is complete, we know your estimated cubic feet which we use to determine the number of men we need for your move, estimated number of hours, and a personalized list of materials we would need for your move.

We know that moving can be overwhelming and that there are many variables that go into your individual move. Because of this we offer free in-home estimates as well to help put you at ease with your upcoming move. An in person estimate helps you have a better idea of what the final cost of your move will be and helps us as well. With a visual survey of your home or apartment we can determine what the access is like, whether special equipment is needed, the number of movers we should send and the estimated hours our men will need to accommodate your move.

In home estimates generally take about 25 minutes to an hour based on the number of bedrooms that are in your home and additional time for any questions you may have about the company and the moving process. Once you have scheduled an in person moving estimate there are a few things you may want to think about before the estimator arrives. It is important to think about any pieces you do not plan to have moved, may move on your own prior to your move or items which may be going to a different location. You should also have an idea of what you may want to have packed by the movers or what you may have packed on your own prior to the move.

In general you should start looking for movers at least one month prior to your ideal move date. Once you have contacted movers, in person estimates should be done at least 3 weeks prior to your move date to accommodate plenty of time for booking your move. It is also very important that you book your move with enough time in advance to ensure that the company has availability for your move on your desired move date.

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