Tips for Preparing Your Items for Storage

Whether you’re staging your home, moving temporarily, or downsizing to a smaller house, you may be interested in putting some of your personal items in storage. Before you do, take the time to prepare your belongings properly. Your efforts will prevent damaging your items and make it easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Pack Boxes for Storage

  • Place as many loose items as you can in boxes to prevent them from gathering dust.
  • Choose one or two sizes of boxes to make stacking easier. Reserve smaller boxes for heavy books.
  • Fill each box with like items all the way to the top. This prevents boxes at the bottom of the stack from collapsing, and boxes at the top from shifting and toppling.
  • Label three sides of each box with a number and write down on a piece of paper everything you put inside.
  • Wrap breakable items individually and pack them tightly to prevent shifting and breaking.
  • Seal boxes with tape to ward off dust and pests.

Prepare Furniture & Appliances for Storage

  • Remove table legs and break down bed frames to save space. Keep screws and bolts in labeled containers for easy reassembly later.
  • Use drawers, shelves, and the hollow areas inside large furniture to store pillows, bags of clothes, and other soft, light objects.
  • Cover upholstered furniture with plastic to protect it. Wrap wood furniture with towels or blankets to prevent denting and scratching.
  • Remove lampshades from their bases, cover them with packing paper, and stack them together.
  • Clean and dry appliances before putting them in storage. Leave refrigerator doors slightly open to prevent mold growth.
  • Line mirrors with cardboard or load them into crates for even better protection.

Store Your Belongings with Georgetown Moving & Storage Company

Storage units come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. The storage units at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company measure 7’ high by 5’ wide by 7’ deep and hold about 150 to 180 cubic feet.

Rather than “self” solutions where storage units are accessible to everyone, our portable units are stacked and stored in a warehouse. This “portable vault” system is economical, safe, secure, and costs less than self-storage. Whether you’re looking for long or short term storage for your home or office, our solutions could be perfect for you!

To find out more about our DC, Maryland, and Virginia storage facilities, please call us today at (703) 466-0575.

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