Tips for Moving to a New State

There’s a big difference between moving to the next neighborhood over and relocating your family across state lines. If you have a long-distance move ahead of you, take the time to plan everything out carefully, so you avoid pitfalls along the way. Here are our top five tips for moving to a new state.

Pack Your Belongings for the Long Haul

Perhaps your biggest fear when moving a long distance is that your belongings will become damaged in transit. Packing boxes and wrapping furniture properly is a tried-and-true way to keep your possessions safe. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose sturdy boxes and heavy-duty packing tape.
  • Keep in mind that boxes may end up on their sides or upside-down during the move. Pack them tightly so items inside can’t jostle around.
  • Properly seal any containers you pack inside boxes.
  • Cushion breakables with newspaper, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap.
  • Cover furniture with protective blankets and plastic.
  • Pack your mattress in a box, so it doesn’t get dirty or bent out of shape.
  • Hire professional packers to ensure your items are properly wrapped and packaged for the trip.

Label Your Boxes Carefully

Don’t throw items into boxes willy-nilly. Instead, pack them by room or with like items. Come up with a labeling system so you can easily find what you’re looking for once you start unpacking in your new home. Also, be sure to label any fragile boxes, so your movers know which ones to handle with greater care.

Make a “Day Of” Box

This is your own personal box, bag, or suitcase filled with the items you’ll need throughout the move and immediately upon arrival. Each family member should have their own “day of” box. Label each one differently from the rest of your boxes, so they don’t accidentally get loaded onto the truck. Plan to transport your “day of” box in your car to prevent the need for an emergency trip to the store if you arrive at your new home before the moving van.

Consider Buying Insurance

You never know what might happen between here and your new home thousands of miles away. To protect against potential theft and accidents, it’s wise to purchase insurance for your move. You have two primary forms of insurance to choose from: Basic Valuation Protection and Full Value Protection. Your moving company can help you decide which level of coverage is best based on the estimated value of the belongings you’re transporting.

Choose a Moving Company with Guaranteed Delivery Days

Some long-distance movers provide delivery windows in excess of 20 business days following the date you move out. Such an outrageously long wait can be incredibly inconvenient and frustrating.

Things are different with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company. When moving to or from the Washington, DC metro area, we guarantee delivery in one, two, or three days, depending on the distance of your move. Our service area covers all areas from Minnesota to Maine and from Louisiana to Florida. Visit our long-distance service page for more details about our delivery guarantees.

Get Help Moving to a New State

The daunting task of relocating across state lines almost always requires a long-distance moving company. At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we help individuals and families move to or from the Washington, DC metro area. It’s our job to make sure moving day goes smoothly! Take advantage of all our convenient services, including packing and storage, as you prepare for the big day.

To learn more about our long-distance moving services, please call us at (703) 466-0575 today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and provide a free estimate for our services.

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