6 Tips for Moving on a Budget

If you just landed a job in a new city or you’ve decided your family has outgrown your house, it’s time to consider a move. Relocating your family and all your possessions is not only stressful, but also costly. Fortunately, there are ways to save on moving costs to keep your expenses and stress levels down. Just follow these six tips for moving on a budget.

Get Quotes

Find out the average cost of moving by getting quotes from various companies. The estimates you receive will vary based on the distance of your move, your home’s size, the moving date, and any additional services you require. Only accept a flat rate for long-distance moves to ensure you don’t face unexpected charges at the end of the day. Then, a reasonable hourly rate is best for keeping local moves affordable.

Sell, Donate & Toss

The more stuff you have, the more boxes you need and the longer the move will take. These factors increase the cost of moving. Pare down your belongings now to make the move more affordable. Start by having a garage sale and put the proceeds toward your moving expenses. Donate or give away items that don’t sell, and toss anything that’s broken or obsolete.

Time Your Move Right

Summer is the busiest season to move. This means movers sometimes charge a higher price this time of year. Weekend moves also tend to come with higher hourly rates. If you have control over the timing of your move, choose a weekday in the off-season (fall, winter, or spring).

Save on Packing Supplies

If you have access to free boxes from your work or another local source, this may prevent you from needing to buy boxes. Just make sure the cardboard is thick and durable to withstand the demands of moving. You can also substitute traditional packing materials with towels, washcloths, sheets, T-shirts, and other linens you have to pack anyway. For any items you still need to buy, check out our moving supplies store for everything on your list.

Pack Your Home Yourself

Packing services are useful if you aren’t physically able to pack yourself or if you have a busy schedule, but you can save money by completing this chore yourself. If you need an extra pair of hands to make things go faster, recruit friends and family to help you pack the weekend before you move. Also, while it’s good to plan ahead, the longer you wait to pack essential kitchen items, the less you’ll spend on take-out in the days leading up to the move.

Write Off Moving Expenses

If you’re relocating long distance because you got a new job, the cost of moving may be tax deductible. Check out the IRS website for more information about how to qualify and what expenses you can write off.

Hire Affordable Movers in DC, VA & MD

At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we strive to make your move as affordable and stress-free as possible. After all, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. The moving estimates we provide are upfront and honest, and we never nickel and dime our customers to bolster the bottom line.

Our moving rates include a clean moving truck, moving blankets, and dollies. Rest assured that we don’t charge extra for long-haul services or flights of stairs. Plus, you’ll never see additional taxes or credit card fees on your bill. In other words, the price we quote you is the price you pay!

If you’re ready to work with affordable movers in the DC area, please contact us online or call (703) 466-0575 for your free moving quote today!