Tips for Moving to a New Neighborhood

Even if your upcoming move doesn’t take you very far, even changing neighborhoods requires an adjustment. Your kids might have to change schools, and you’ll have to learn the vibe of your new neighbors. While you have no control over any vicious dogs that live on the block or the number of young families you’re bound to get along with, use these tips to make moving to a new neighborhood a smooth, painless process.

Be Mindful How You Handle Moving Day

Your relocation might be a bit annoying to your new neighbors. They’ve already put up with a moving truck when the previous family left, and now they have to deal with the noise and foot traffic all over again.

To help you start off on the right foot, make sure the moving truck and your friends’ cars don’t block your neighbors’ driveways. Then, once you finish unpacking, don’t clutter the curb with empty moving boxes. Sell, recycle, or give them away to other people who are moving soon.

Greet Your Neighbors When They Introduce Themselves

Assuming you’re moving to a welcoming part of town, it’s likely a few curious neighbors will stop over to say hello while you’re unloading the truck. It’s not an ideal time, but rather than give off the impression that you’re a dismissive person, set aside time to introduce yourself and chat for a bit.

It’s also possible a few neighbors will stop by in a day or two with a plate of cookies or other treats to welcome you into the neighborhood. After introductions are complete and your neighbor heads home, set a reminder to write them a thank you card. Make a note of your new friend’s name so you can include it in the card when you have a moment. A heartfelt thank you for the treat, which you should drop off at their house or deliver by hand, can work wonders when it comes to helping you fit in.

Be Friendly

The best way to create opportunities for friendship with your neighbors is to be friendly every time you see them in passing. Smile, wave, and say hello. Look for chances to engage, such as while taking a walk with the dog or even just taking out the trash.

You might even be so bold as to walk door to door introducing yourself. You have a good excuse for doing so if you invite everyone to your housewarming party. This could be as simple as a backyard barbecue, where you invite everyone on the block over to mingle and get to know you. Enlist your partner, child, or a friend to help you hand out invitations as you introduce yourself going door to door.

Get Involved

Many neighborhoods have jogging teams or host local activities at the community pool. There might be a neighborhood watch to join or a community garden where you can plant vegetables. Ask around when introducing yourself to neighbors or visit the local community center and check the bulletin board there for more information.

Get Help Moving to a New Neighborhood

Now that you have an idea of how you’ll handle your transition into a new neighborhood, it’s time to focus again on the upcoming moving day. For local moves to a new neighborhood here in the DC metro area, count on Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.

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