7 Tips for Moving Long-Distance

Moving your home and family any distance can be stressful, but a long-distance move is particularly overwhelming. Fortunately, with the right mindset, planning, and precautions, you can move from one city to another or even across state lines without difficulty. Just follow these seven tips for moving long-distance.

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Downsize Your Move

Cargo space is limited, and long-distance movers often charge by the pound, so it’s a good idea to downsize before moving day arrives. Have a garage sale, sell individual items online, give things away to family and friends, and donate belongings to secondhand shops. Even if you need to replace some items after settling into your new home, this is often more cost-effective than paying to ship everything.

Keep Track of Your Costs for Tax Purposes

Moving costs are often tax deductible if you’re relocating to a new city for work. Check out the IRS website for more information about how to qualify and what expenses you can claim on your taxes next spring.

Pack for the Long Haul

Moving long-distance is more demanding on your belongings than a local move. Start with high-quality moving boxes and packing supplies. Cushion everything with bubble wrap, packing paper, and soft belongings such as scarves, towels, and sweaters. Fill every box to the top and seal them up with multiple layers of tape, keeping in mind that some boxes may be turned on their sides or completely upside-down at times. Pack your mattress in a box as well to prevent it from becoming dirty or damaged.

Organize & Label

Pack room by room and label or color-code boxes based on their final destinations so your movers know where to unload everything in your new home. Also, be sure to clearly label boxes with fragile contents so your movers are aware that they must handle them with extra care.

Pack a “Day-of” Box

Depending on how far you’re moving, you might have to wait a day or two for your belongings to arrive. To ensure you’re not left without crucial items during this time, pack a “day of” box that you transport in your vehicle to your new home. Include a few clothes, personal care items, food and water bottles, tools and supplies, important documents, and moving paperwork.

Know What Not to Pack

There are some items movers are unwilling to transport for liability or safety reasons. These include hazardous chemicals, flammable items, houseplants, perishable food, and open bottles of liquid. Unless you have room for them in your car, plan on disposing of these items before your long-distance move.

Insure Your Belongings

A lot can happen over the hundreds or thousands of miles your belongings must travel to reach your new home. For a successful long-distance move, you should hope for the best but plan for the worst. This means obtaining liability insurance for your peace of mind. Basic Valuation Protection is available free of charge, but if you have any particularly high-value items, you should consider purchasing Full Value Protection.

Hire Long-Distance Movers in the DC Area

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