The Importance Of Markers Use and Labeling A Move

Tape, boxes, and wrapping paper. We can agree that all these items are essential for packing up your home while preparing for a move but there is another tool that most people tend to forget about, markers. Who would have thought that something so small as a marker can have such a big impact on your move. Not only do some first time movers forget to implicate markers into their moves other professional moving companies do as well.

As you might already be aware of, moving is already pretty chaotic. It can get even crazier with multiple movers asking what rooms do your many boxes go in and then having to guess the contents of each box while unpacking. But with some smart labeling tips from Georgetown Moving and Storage we can take the headache out of your move.

To start off, label your boxes with necessary information. When you begin packing take note of what room items are coming out of, what you are putting inside each box, and any extra information you believe your movers should know about the box. Labeling what room your box is coming out of or going into speeds up the work for your movers and reduces any chance of confusion and misplaced boxes making unloading and unpacking a breeze. We also recommend that you put a general inventory of what is in each box such as, books, clothes, miscellaneous, etc. This helps to keep your boxes organized in their designated rooms. You may also want to add extra information for the contents of the box on the side. Writing phrases like; fragile, heavy, this side up, and handle with care can reduce the chance of any damage occurring to your boxed valuables while in transit and during the unloading stage of your move.

Be sure to use a thick felt marker with a dark or distinctive color and be sure to write it in a manner that can easily be read and seen. Our professional movers at Georgetown Moving come equipped with markers, however, not all companies do so keep some handy if your not self-packing. You can color coordinate boxes and rooms if you find that easier but if thats too much just be sure to have clearly placed labels. We recommend writing the label on the top face of the box and a quick abbreviation on the sides of the box to make it easier to read while boxes are stacked on each other. Be sure to mention any extra instructions you may have to your moving crew or the crew chief to avoid any confusion. Another thing many movers and customers find useful is labeling rooms.

Our highly trained movers and Georgetown Moving and Storage will definitely appreciate the extra effort and you can rest easy after your unload because you will have piece of mind that every box made it into the correct room saving you from relocating boxes on your own. Minor details like having markers and labeling correctly have huge impacts on your move. Just keep that in mind while getting ready to move. You can save on the headaches and on your bill when you work smart not hard and do not worry make the right move with Georgetown Moving and Storage and we will help you the whole way through.

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