Are Storage Units Worth It?

If you feel as though your home or business is overflowing with belongings, you might be considering putting some things in storage. But are storage units worth it? The answer is usually yes, and here’s why.

Residential Storage Units Benefit Homeowners

When your home fills with clutter, the garage and basement become your go-to areas to expand your storage options. Unfortunately, storing too many boxes in the garage forces you to park in the driveway, and stacks of boxes in the basement take up valuable square footage in your living space. Plus, these areas may be subject to fluctuating temperatures, moisture, and other conditions that could damage the belongings you want to preserve.

Residential storage units could be a better option for homeowners looking to store:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Memorabilia and family heirlooms
  • Extra home goods and furnishings

Long- and Short-Term Storage Units Benefit Apartment Renters

Apartments often don’t have the benefit of a garage or basement to store belongings in. When you don’t have room to spare for seasonal items or extra furniture, long- or short-term storage could be the solution.

You could utilize a long-term storage unit as a permanent solution for limited storage in your living space. On the other hand, you might only need short-term storage if you’re just living in an apartment temporarily.

Home Staging Storage Makes Moving Less Stressful

When you list your house on the market, you want to make the best first impression possible. A cluttered home isn’t the way to do it. Short-term home staging storage allows you to remove the clutter without disposing of or giving away precious family heirlooms, furniture, and other belongings.

Feel free to leave your things in storage for as long as you need. For instance, you might need to move to a temporary home until your new house is finished being built. Rather than move everything twice, you can keep your belongings in storage and retrieve them once the stress of moving day is behind you.

College Student Storage Units Make Temporary Moves Easier

If you’re attending George Washington University, John Hopkins University, or another school in the DC area, you may find it inconvenient to move all your possessions back home for the summer, especially if you live far away. If you know you’ll be returning for another semester in a few short months, put your dorm furnishings, school supplies, and small kitchen appliances in a student storage unit. All your things will be waiting for you when you return for another great year of school in the fall.

Commercial Storage Units Benefit Business Owners

Is your office overly cramped? Does your productivity suffer because filing cabinets take up too much room? Commercial storage units are a great way to free up space or help you transition to a new building soon. Feel free to store:

  • Office supplies and furnishings
  • Excess merchandise
  • Employee records and tax documents

With a complete inventory sheet at your fingertips, you’ll never forget what you put in storage, thus preventing you from losing important items.

Rent a Storage Unit in the Washington, DC Area

Whether you’re a homeowner preparing to move, a student in temporary housing, or a business owner trying to free up office space, a storage unit could be the solution you’re looking for. Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers convenient storage unit facilities in Washington, DC; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; and Landover, MD. Our “portable vault” system is economical, safe, secure, and more cost-effective than traditional self-storage.

To learn more about storing your belongings with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, please contact us today!

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