Steps to Hiring a Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company is the single biggest factor that determines how smoothly your move goes. Whether you’re moving across the street or to a new state, select your mover carefully for the positive results you’re hoping for. Just follow these five steps to hiring a moving company.

Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

If you have any friends or neighbors who recently moved to or from the DC metro area, ask what company they used and how moving day went. You can also turn to the Internet for advice. Read testimonials on moving company websites and third-party review sites. As you begin your research, follow this advice:

  • Don’t click on “find a mover” links to avoid getting roped into a scam.
  • Don’t use household-goods brokerage services to find a moving company.
  • Don’t assume national chains are best.

Screen Potential Moving Companies

With a list of potential movers in mind, start comparing their credentials. Here are the qualities you want when hiring a moving company:

  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Registered with the DOT
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)
  • Licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Approved by the General Services Administration (GSA)

Also, look for these additional services if you need them:

  • Delivery guarantees: If you’re moving long distance, look for reasonable delivery guarantees of three days or less.
  • Direct guaranteed service: This means your belongings are brought directly to your new home with no stops along the way (unless your request them).
  • Storage services: Whether you need to store items short or long term, it’s easiest if your moving company also provides storage services.
  • Packing services: Extra help with packing can be a lifesaver if you have delicate items or moving day sneaks up on you.

Call a Handful of Local Movers for Estimates

Narrow down your possibilities to three or four moving companies. Call each one for an hourly rate or request an in-home estimate for fixed-price moves. To ensure an accurate estimate, provide details about any particularly large or heavy pieces you need to have moved.

Then, compare the quotes you’ve received. Beware of any low-ball estimates that could end up resulting in bad service or hefty hidden fees. Don’t be afraid to ask for a price match guarantee to help you land the best possible deal.

Pick a Company and Set Your Moving Date

With all your careful research complete, you should feel comfortable picking a mover. To help ensure an open time slot on the day you want to move, try to make your choice at least one month in advance. Find out the mover’s availability and set a date for the big day!

Read the Contract Carefully

The mover will issue you a bill of lading, or a legal contract between you and the moving company. This paperwork should include the name and address of mover, the payment method, pickup time, guaranteed delivery dates, minimum and maximum estimated pay, and other details about the move.

Read the contract carefully before you sign to make sure you understand everything. Keep it on hand so you can state your case if anything goes awry on moving day.

Let Georgetown Moving and Storage Company Help You Move!

We offer all the qualities you want in a moving company, from dependable service to affordable pricing. Consider us for your next move, whether large or small, local or long distance. To learn more about our services, please call Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 466-0575. We’ll make your moving day as stress-free as possible!

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