How to Settle Your Kids in Their New Home Before Starting School This Fall

Moving presents a ton of changes, and perhaps no one is more affected by this than our kids. Whether they’re eight or 18, starting over comes with its challenges. Did you move during the summer, but now you need help with making sure your kids are settled before school starts next month? It’s a great idea. Don’t stress too much—maybe we can help point you in the right direction.

Establishing Familiarity Is Essential

Familiarity with space is imperative for any person of any age, and it’s one of the hardest things about a move for kids. Once the excitement of moving day is over, everything else starts to settle in and they might begin to feel at a loss. To establish some familiarity and help them to get settled before the school year, consider these things:

  • Make normalcy a priority. When unpacking, all of the “other” stuff can wait. Make it a priority to get your kid’s bedrooms set up and settled above all else. When the day is done and they need to process this move while trying to sleep, it’ll be much easier if they can surround themselves with familiar object and bedclothes without the distraction of packing tape and cardboard.
  • Keep to a schedule. Try to reestablish the daily routines your family is accustomed to as soon as possible. If you have dinner as a family most nights, get back to it. If you settle in for a movie night as a group, now is not the time to skip!
  • Get a feel for the neighborhood. After you have rooms and life squared away, take a walk! Take a few, even. But restrict it to within a few blocks of home. Ideally your children will be seeing these roads and nearby trees for years, so letting them get familiar with the area will make your new house feel a lot more like home.

While setting things up, do keep in mind that prolonging the “excitement” of the move hurts more than it helps. Avoid trying to distract your kids with every mall, amenity, restaurant, and park nearby. These will all be visited in time, but eventually your daughters and sons will need to process the move, and it’s ideal for them to do so sooner rather than later.

Learn About Your Child’s New School

Preferably with a tour included. Going back to that familiarity thing, day one of classes is going to be stressful and anxiety-inducing, even for a more confident teen or curious adolescent. By getting the lay of the land beforehand, you take some of the shock out of the day. This lets your kids process all of the new information they get and people they meet without stressing out over where homeroom is located or how to get to the cafeteria.

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