Saving Money in Peak Moving Season

Moving during the peak moving season can be expensive, especially if you have not moved before and are not aware of how many items and factors contribute to the total bill.

Planning in advance can save you a lot of money if you go about it in the right way and are concious of all the potential charges. Adjusting your schedule for a mid-week move will give you access to lower hourly labor rates compareed to weekends. Scheduling your move to start in the morning when traffic conditions are better than the afternoon can be prudent as well.

You will want to organize any essential items and make sure that they get packed up in an unmarked box that you wont be able to identify when you need that item. You can save money by purchasing packing material from our website, www.georgetownmoving.com, at wholesale prices. By doing your own packing, you will save a lot of time by doing something that is not very phisically demanding at all, and you save money by not using material that is more expensive when it is provided on the day of the move. Any items that you can get rid of or move yourself will save time on the final bill. Moving smaller boxes and items, pictures and mirrors, and televisions yourself can save time and material charges, as it takes a substantial amount of wrapping and material to protect glass and electronics. Also, if anything needs to be disassembled to get through a doorway or into an elevator, you can save time on the final bill by doing that before the movers get there. Items that commonly require disassembly are desks, bedframes, shelving, and cabinets. However, the professionals will do that in more efficient way with proper tools so more advanced project is better to leave to the crew.

Do not forget to ask about discounts, there is always a chance to add to your little saving.

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