Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Move to DC

Being the nation’s capital, Washington, DC is a major political stage – but it’s also a great place to relocate! However, moving is no easy feat. Between searching for a home or apartment, packing boxes, and arranging movers or storage, you probably haven’t had much time to think about the area you are moving to – until now!

Being prepared is the first step to a successful move, and to help you formulate the best moving plan, our experts have provided you a list of the best questions to ask yourself before you relocate to DC.

  • What does it cost to live in DC? When you move to a new city, especially a metropolitan area, it’s best to understand the kind of price you will be paying for the essentials – rent, food, transportation, and more! On average, you can expect to pay more in rent and housing expenses than most other major cities in the nation.
  • What neighborhood should I live in? One of the greatest aspects of living in DC is the diversity. You can find a unique neighborhood that meets almost any personal needs and interests. When deciding where to relocate, consider price, safety, and how well the area will fit with your lifestyle. Looking for a lowkey area? Stick with the suburbs. Interested in a quick commute to work? If price is not an obstacle, consider Dupont Circle or other metro areas.
  • How do I plan my move? Planning is honestly the hardest part of any move. Our suggestion for planning your DC move is to make a checklist. If you know what’s coming – and when to expect it – you’ll be more likely to get everything done on time! Also, keep track of the weather as it gets closer to the date of your move. If you are moving in winter, you’ll want to check for any winter storms or snow heading into the DC area.
  • How do I move my furniture and boxes? Hire a moving company! Seriously, hiring a moving company you trust to do all of the heavy lifting and storage will make your move stress-free – especially if you are relocating from a distance.
  • What do I need to settle quickly? Get acclimated to the DC metro area. Pick up the Washington Post to read about local and national news. Be a tourist for a day. Visit the Smithsonian and the abundance of other museums and exhibits in Washington to get a feel for the capital city. And, update your addresses – when you move it’s important to remember to update your bank, the post office, your utility providers, and others with your change of address!

Clearly, there are a lot of questions to consider when relocating to a new place. We hope to have answered many of them for you – but we know you have others! Contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company today with any moving or storage inquiries – we’re happy to help your relocation to the nation’s capital go smoothly!

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