What Does a Quality Moving Company Look Like?

Moving can be stressful, but finding the right moving company helps ensure everything goes smoothly. As you explore your options for moving to or from the DC Metro area, learn what a quality moving company looks like, so you know what characteristics to look for.

A Quality Moving Company…

  • Has a team of experienced movers on staff: Day laborers are cheap, but a quality moving company will hire and train full-time movers and drivers for their team. This ensures excellent customer service and reduces the chance of incidents.
  • Is licensed, bonded, and insured: This means the moving company is legitimate. It also means you won’t be held liable in the rare case that your belongings are lost, damaged, or stolen during the move.
  • Offers the supplies you need: When you can purchase moving and packing suppliesfrom the company you work with, it eliminates the headache of finding boxes for your move.
      • Can store your belongings if needed: Moving and storage go hand-in-hand. Whether you need long- or short-term storage, it’s much easier if the moving company you work with also offers this service.
      • Provides accurate estimates: You should have the option to receive a moving estimateover the phone or in your home. The estimate should be competitive with other companies in the area. Otherwise, you might experience subpar services or receive a shock when you find out fees are tacked on at the end.
      • Doesn’t nickel and dime customers: While you should look for competitive prices, also seek a moving company that doesn’t charge extra for moving blankets, long-carry services down stairs, or additional taxes and credit card fees. Avoiding these costs helps keep your move affordable.
      • Has good customer reviews: Find a moving company that has garnered a good reputation in the community. To do this, read customer testimonials and reviews online.

Work with a Quality Moving Company in DC, MD & VA

At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we meet all these parameters! Our goal is to help keep moving day smooth and affordable for our customers. We provide local and long distance moving services for residential and commercial customers relocating to and from the DC Metro area.

To contact a quality moving company in DC, or to learn more about our moving and packing services, please call (703) 466-0575 today. Our knowledgeable team is happy to answer all your questions and provide expert moving advice.

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