Protecting High Value Items During a Local or Long Distance Moving

Moving high value and sentimental items can be stressful and worrisome. Watching strangers move their prized possessions makes many people very anxious, whether those strangers are taking care while moving the item or not. Even with Full Value insurance, the hassle of replacing, repairing, or being reimbursed for a valuable item is stressful and creates anxiety.

So how can you move valuables worry free? By protecting valuables properly, you decrease the chance of damaging them. Fortunately there are a number of ways to protect your valuables during a move! Georgetown Moving and Storage can build a crate to protect the valuable item. We have built crates of all sizes for valuables. We have built crates for paintings, sculptures, furniture, fish tanks, chandeliers, and more! In the case of high value items, Georgetown Moving and Storage will not assume extraordinary liability for some items unless we are allowed to protect and crate them as we see fit.

Georgetown Moving and Storage uses crates that are custom built by us to fit your item, so it is extremely important to give us the proper dimensions of the item before we start building your crate. We also should be aware of any specific packing or handling instructions. Take an inventory of any high value items that you will be moving. This includes a description and pictures. Georgetown Moving and Storage documents the condition of all items at the origin, so check to make sure the list, description, and notes are all accurate before the truck leaves for the destination. Anything not listed on the inventory sheet is not considered part of the shipment.

When your shipment reaches its destination, you should verify that all items arrived in the same condition they left in. Any damages should be noted on the inventory list or the final bill. If the moving company does not cover certain items, like jewelry and sports memorabilia, talk to your insurance agent about homeowners insurance or a Personal Articles Floater policy. These items should also be professionally appraised before the move. This will substantiate the stated value of your high value items.

Georgetown Moving and Storage offers premium protection to protect items of extraordinary value against damage. This special designation includes any item worth more than $100 per pound. Upon scheduling your move and purchasing Full Value protection, you can request a form on which you will record the extraordinary value items you have that exceed the $100 per pound valuation.

Any appraisal documents should be kept in case of any damages. In the case of damages, the appraisal documents will be used to ascertain the value of the damaged or missing item. The best way to move smaller valuables without breakage or loss is to transport them yourself.

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