Packing Your Clothes Ideas For Move And Storage

As you begin preparing for a move you begin to notice how much stuff you have actually accumulated in your home. Usually people take note of all the larger items like couches, book cases, and dressers, and the smaller items get pushed into the back of your mind like dishes, books, and clothing. You will also quickly realize that those smaller items can add up to be a lot, especially your clothes.

Packing your clothes gets pretty tricky its not like you can just throw everything into garbage bags seal them up and move on to the next thing. What happens when you need to grab a new set of clothes to change out of the ones you have been sweating in all day while moving your couches or book cases? You will have to open each bag and rummage through until you find something clean and hopefully not too wrinkled to throw on, and unless you are a total frat boy whos biggest hope is to find a shirt with minimal ketchup stains on it, this lifestyle will just not cut it for you.

Have no fear, Georgetown Moving and Storage is here, with tips, advice, and supplies that will turn any packing disaster into a breeze. There are a lot of steps that you can begin to take to make packing your clothes easy and affordable if you wish to self-pack your home.

Start off by separating and sorting your clothes. Put the ones that you know you will need off to the side in a necessary pile and divide the rest into easy to differ categories such as a summer or winter category do not forget to include a sweater or rain jacket in your necessary pile even if your move is in the summer, trust me, you will be grateful later. This is also a good time to get rid of or donate anything you might have grown out of or just do not wear anymore, plus it will make your move that much easier.

Once you have your clothes in categories it will be easy assigning each pile with either a box or a suitcase. If you have tons of suitcases lying around in your house now is the best time to utilize them, they are perfect for storing and transporting clothes, its almost like they were made for it… Do not forget to label your suitcases as well so you can find which luggage has the clothes you might need after the move.

Another tip that self-packers are getting into is using older or more durable articles of clothing like socks and t-shirts to pack fragile items in boxes like glassware or dishes, hitting two birds with one stone. Another method you can use is to leave your clothes in the drawers take the drawers out of your dressers and wrap it with plastic wrap or tape then transport the drawers separately from the dresser that way when you get into your new home you will be able to unwrap the drawers and just slide them back into your dressers.

This will also make the dresser lighter and easier to move without the chance of the drawers sliding open. There is also the option of leaving your clothes inside the drawers but if you do decide to follow this method consider how much heavier your dresser will be with all your clothes in it. We recommend leaving the lightweight clothing articles in the drawers like socks, undies, and t-shirts and removing the larger items like sweaters, jeans, and sweatpants.

If you are packing your clothes into a box it should not be a problem either most moving companies even have large wardrobe boxes that you can purchase to keep all of your hanging clothes clean and wrinkled free. If you do purchase the wardrobe boxes be sure to buy the bar or rail used for hanging clothes, if it is not already included. Once you transfer all of your hanging clothes from your closets to the wardrobe boxes be sure the boxes are not too heavy that way you can avoid any boxes from breaking and then seal the tops with tape.

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