Overcoming Challenges While Moving

Moving is generally very easy and straightforward. Occasionally unexpected obstacles get in the way of your otherwise simple move.

Trust the trained professionals of Georgetown Moving to get your move done effortlessly.

Whether its a large gun safe or vault or an oversized appliance, we have skilled crews and the proper equipment to get the job done. Do one of these heavy items need to go up or down stairs in your home? Not a problem! with the specialized equipment we use and the knowledge of our experienced crews, we have everything to make this as simple as it can be.

In the DC area tight spaces are everywhere. Whether its a narrow hallway or a doorway thats just to small for your couch or other oversized furniture, its not a problem! We offer many services to overcome these obstacles such as furniture hoisting.

In some of the more rural areas and even in some of the city parking is in the rear of the house with no close access. This can sometimes make your move more difficult especially when this means rolling heavy items through grass or uphill on a dolly. This is a much worse scenario when the weather conditions are not in our favor. We will always take precautions to prepare for your move however if there is any special circumstances to your move it is best to let your movers know about these in advance so we can plan ahead for any issues that may arise.

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