How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Have a big move coming up? One of your highest priorities is to ensure all your belongings make it in one piece. The kitchen is home to many breakables, including plates, bowls, glasses, and your grandmother’s China. To help you transport these items safely, follow our advice on how to pack dishes for moving.

Purchase Dish Boxes

Most moving boxes are constructed with a single layer of corrugated cardboard. To provide added protection for its fragile contents, dish boxes feature a double layer of corrugated cardboard. This prevents crushing that could lead to broken cups, plates, and bowls. The heavy-duty construction of dish boxes makes them a little more expensive, so you should only pack delicate items inside.

Wrap Items Individually

A sudden drop could cause fragile plates and cups to knock against one another and break. To help prevent this, wrap each dish in packing paper. Lay out one sheet on a table and set an item down near the corner. Wrap the item diagonally toward the opposite corner, tucking in the edges as you go. There’s no need to use tape, as long as you pack your dish box tightly.

Place Large, Heavy Items at the Bottom

In general, you should pack plates and bowls in first with glasses toward the top of the box. Set plates and bowls on their side rather than laying them flat, and load cups and glasses standing up.

Use Plenty of Packing Paper

When it comes to protecting your dishes, you can never use too much packing paper! Start by filling the bottom of each dish box with a layer of crumpled packing paper. Then, pack in your individually wrapped plates, bowls, and cups tightly, so they don’t jostle around. Fill any empty spaces with crumpled paper for cushioning. Then, finish off the box with a final layer of crumpled paper at the top.

Get Help Packing Your Kitchen

You don’t have to second-guess your dish-packing techniques when you hire a professional mover from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company to help pack your kitchen. Even if you want to pack everything yourself, you can turn to our Supplies Store for all the boxes and packing materials you need.

For help moving to or from the DC Metro area, or for a free estimate, please call us at (703) 466-0575. We’re happy to answer your questions and offer expert moving and packing advice.

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