Packing Tips for Your Washington, DC Office

When every hour of the workday is critical for achieving a healthy bottom line, it can be frustrating when everything comes to a standstill while you pack up and move your office. With the right office packing tips, moving your business can go a lot smoother. Whether you’re moving to a new office space down the street or relocating across state lines, here’s how to simplify the packing process.

Clean Up the Office

In the months and weeks leading up to the move, take a few minutes each day to sift through the office and backroom. Determine what to bring with you, what belongs in storage, and what to throw away, sell, or donate. Now’s the time to purge your office of the things you no longer use or won’t need for a while, so you can check this task off your list before moving day.

Start Early

Pack up the items you want to bring with you, but that you won’t need between now and moving day. You can safely pack overstock items, backup client records, and old paperwork ahead of moving day.

Label Your Boxes Clearly

While packing, you may think you’ll remember where you put the three-hole punch or extra copy paper, but don’t count on it. Clearly labeling boxes helps you find what you need as you settle into your new office. This also helps the professional movers you hire unload boxes in the proper locations. To ensure a smooth process, follow these labeling techniques:

  • Label by room: The most important thing to include on each box is the room it belongs in, so your movers to know where to set it.
  • Label the contents: To prevent frustration when searching for a particular item at your new office, label the contents of each box along with the room it goes in.
  • Label with numbers: Label each box with its room number and the list of contents.
  • Label with colors: If your office doesn’t feature room numbers, color-coding may be a good idea. Label your boxes with different colored permanent markers for each room, or use different colored packing tape or stickers. To prevent confusion on moving day, attach coordinating pieces of colored construction paper to the door of each room.
  • Make an inventory sheet: Label each box with its designated room name/number and a letter, starting with A. Create a separate inventory sheet detailing the contents of each lettered box. Save the list on your phone, email it to yourself, or make multiple hard copies to ensure you always have a backup.

Regardless of your labeling technique, make sure you use a thick, dark permanent marker to write in large letters for easy readability. At the very least, label the top and one side of each box.

Hire a Moving Company for Office Packing Services

At Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, we provide office packing services for small businesses, large corporate offices, and other commercial organizations. If you don’t want packing to take time away from running your business, we can handle this task from start to finish with full-service office packing. If you prefer to pack most of your office items but need help with heavy furniture and other large items, our partial packing service could be right for your needs.

No matter what degree of office packing help you require, trust Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for the job. We provide commercial moving services for businesses in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. To learn more, please give us a call at (703) 466-0575.

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