Why You Should Move When You Are an Empty Nester

So, your kids have all grown up and flown the coop. You’re officially an empty nester, and it’s time to decide how you’ll spend your golden years. One of the most important decisions you must make is whether to stay put in your big house or downsize to something smaller. Here are four reasons why you should consider moving now that you’re an empty nester.

Save Money

Unless your home is completely paid off, you can save big by moving to a smaller home with a less expensive mortgage. You also have lower utility costs to look forward to. Saving money is especially important as you enter retirement and start living on a fixed income.

Enjoy Less Home Maintenance

Do you really want to spend all that time dusting and vacuuming extra rooms? By moving into a home that’s just the right size for you and your partner, you cut down on home maintenance so you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

Plan for the Future

It may be difficult to admit, but all those stairs in your house are not as easy to navigate as they once were. The bathroom is also harder to get around in. While it’s possible to make updates to your existing home, it’s often more cost-effective to move into a house with all the accessibility features you need to age in place, such as a first-floor master bedroom, walk-in tub, and extra-wide hallways for wheelchairs.

Retire Where You Want

You don’t have to stick to the suburbs! Now that your kids are grown and gone, you can move to an apartment in the city where everything is within walking distance. You could also resettle in a coastal community to live out your dream retirement. Or you could move closer to your kids to spend more time with your grandchildren. The choice is yours!

Let Georgetown Moving and Storage Company Help You Move

Wherever you plan to resettle now that you’re an empty nester, we can help the process go smoothly. We handle all the heavy lifting and provide the equipment you need on moving day. We even offer long-term storage for the items you want to save for your children but don’t have room for in your new, smaller home.

To schedule a free moving estimate online, by phone, or in person, please contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 466-0575 today!

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