Tips for Moving to a Smaller Home

Maybe you’re an empty nester selling your house and moving into a condo. Perhaps you’re a renter trading in your two-bedroom apartment for a studio. Regardless of your reasons, downsizing is a great way to cut back on living expenses and home maintenance, so you have more time and money for the important things in life.

Here’s the problem: you have a big house full of belongings that you must trim down before moving. Feel overwhelmed? With these tips for moving to a smaller home, downsizing is a breeze!

Start Getting Rid of Things at Least 3 Months in Advance

Pace yourself by starting early. Go room by room and decide which items you love and what you can live without. Cut back on “just in case” items, and give family members the opportunity to stake claims.

As you thin out your belongings, strive not to throw anything away. Recycle old papers, sell furniture, and donate gently used clothing. If you have any antiques you want to sell, consider having them appraised first so you know their full value.

Expect to Shed More Stuff When You See Your New Place

It’s difficult to estimate how big (or small) your new home will be until you attempt to fill it with all your stuff. Try not to get frustrated if all your dishes don’t fit in the cupboards or you can’t fit both couches in the living room after all. If needed, pare down even more until you fit comfortably in your new home.

Rent a Storage Space

For sentimental items, furniture you’re saving for someone else, and other things that don’t fit, consider renting a storage space. Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers economical short- and long-term storage in secure, temperature-controlled warehouses. Multiple locations in DC, Virginia, and Maryland means there’s sure to be a convenient facility near you.

Get Help Moving to a Smaller Home

Whether you need assistance packing, moving your items into storage, or transporting belongings to your new home, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company is here for you. Our comprehensive moving services ensure you get all the help you need without bouncing from company to company.

For help moving to a smaller home, or for more information about our storage services, please call us at (703) 466-0575 today. Our moving experts are happy to answer your questions and provide a free moving and storage estimate.

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