Moving To and From New York State

Georgetown Moving and Storage can get you to your new home in New York City Overnight!

We are proud to say that we have successfully moved hundreds of families to New York City and the greater area. We are able to pack up your belongings one day and then deliver them to your door in New York the very next morning.

You will have the familiar face of the crew chief overseeing your move greeting you at your door both in your current residence and in New York. Afraid of items being damaged during the long drive? Dont be, we are fully licensed and insured.

Now that the end of the summer season is here, take advantage of our end of season rates and deals, you could move to New York for a steal! Dont keep shopping, Georgetown Moving is popping and our prices are jaw-dropping; our rate reductions are whopping.

When moving over a long-distance, dont leave anything to chance, leave it to Georgetown Moving, our crews work as hard as ants.

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