Moving Supplies You Did Not Know You Needed

If you have a move coming up, you’ve probably started stocking up on essential moving supplies. Boxes, tape, and packing paper are a given, but these are far from the only things you’ll need. To make your move easier, consider getting your hands on the following moving supplies you didn’t know you needed.

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Space Bags

If your goal is to fit everything onto one moving truck, it’s essential to pack efficiently. One way to conserve space is to place bulky items like clothing, blankets, towels, and linens in space bags. These airtight, waterproof packing supplies have a special attachment for sucking all the air out, reducing the amount of occupied space by up to 75 percent! Best of all, space bags are reusable, so you can conserve closet space at home or put items away safely in storage.

Heavy-Duty Bubble Wrap

You might be surprised to learn that not all bubble wrap is created equal. Glassware, plates, and other breakables are much better protected by premium bubble wrap, which is extra tough, has oversized bubbles, and features perforated edges to make tearing off the right amount easy.

Stretch Wrap

Want to save time? Don’t bother removing the linens from your dresser drawers—just stretch-wrap the whole dresser shut! (Remember to make sure the furniture isn’t too difficult to lift before you do this.) You can also stretch-wrap things together, such as fasteners to a hanging shelf or wires to electronic equipment. Stretch-wrapping upholstered furniture is also a great way to protect the fabric during your move.

Color-Coded Labels or Markers

Help your movers know where to unload each box with color-coded labels or markers. You might choose a green label for the kitchen, blue label for the living room, and so on. Label the doors leading to each room in your home with their corresponding color. Then, there’s no confusion about which boxes go where.

Mattress Bags

You don’t want your mattress or box spring to get dirty during the move, so make sure you transport them in mattress bags. The handles on these bags also make moving bulky, awkward mattresses easier.

Forearm Forklift

The most exhausting part about moving is carrying heavy furniture and appliances out to the truck. With a tool called a forearm forklift, the job becomes much more comfortable for two people to perform. The adjustable straps attach to each person’s forearms, providing better stability and weight distribution for moving items up to 700 pounds.

Utility & Appliance Dollies

You could carry boxes one by one out to the moving truck—or you could pile them three or four boxes high on a utility dolly. Appliance dollies are also useful for moving washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more.

Box Cutters

When stocking up on moving supplies, you might forget the importance of getting items that make unpacking easier. One example is a box cutter, which is better at slicing through packing tape than scissors and safer than using a kitchen knife.

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