Moving During the Spring Season

Moving to a new house or apartment during the spring season can have many advantages to moving during the winter or summer.

The first noticeable difference, the temperature, puts everyone in a better mood and makes your move much more pleasant. The absence of snow and melting ice in the area means that less dirt and water will find its way into your home. Time off from work is much easier to obtain during the spring than the summer, when almost everyone plans some kind of vacation. With more flexibility in your schedule, it will be easier to plan and manage a move.

Summer is the peak moving season, and moving in the spring will provide you with a lower hourly rate and more availability for your preferred move date. However, it is always prudent to schedule your move in advance! If the kids are on spring break from school then they can help with the packing and sorting.

A move can also be a great opportunity to do your spring cleaning and get rid of any old or unwanted clothes and items. Remember, in the end, do your research to find the best moving company, and Make The Right Move!

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