Making Your Pandemic Move Go Smoothly

Man wearing mask unpacking boxes from white truck.

It’s been a tough year for many people. Whether because of job loss, job opportunity, or simply a change in direction, many people are moving onward and upward amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as you pursue greener pastures and new opportunities, it’s important to remain mindful of safety and the added logistics of interstate moves at this time.

Take Care of Logistics

As always, make sure you take care of the standard logistics. This includes changing your address, updating your bank records, updating vehicle registrations, etc. Most states require you to do this in short order when you move, so don’t delay.

Additionally, plan your route for both speed of travel and ensuring that none of the cities you are traveling through are COVID hotspots. Avoiding cities with high infection rates is an effective method of preventing transmission. Similarly, make sure that your health insurance coverage is up to date and identify healthcare facilities along your route where you can stop and receive care if necessary.

Pack Like You’re Going on an Expedition

It’s best to maintain as much social distance as possible. This means you will want to limit the number of stops you make along your route. Ideally, you will want to pack sufficient food so that all you have to do is stop for gas and lodging.

You will also want to make sure that you have plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, medications, and money in your bank account. In fact, don’t use cash; rather, use your credit/debit card. It’s also a good idea to pack several changes of clothes the same way you would as if going on vacation.

Call Ahead

While many states are lifting requirements for social distancing, many places still have strict limits regarding the number of hotel guests that they can accommodate. Make reservations, and make sure to confirm your reservation before you arrive. This will help eliminate the need to find a hotel late at night when you’re tired after a long day of driving.

Further, make sure that the states you are traveling through (or to) do not have entry restrictions. Many states have strict policies in place regarding visitors from out of state and for those just passing through. If you are fortunate enough to have received a vaccine, make sure to keep your paperwork where you can quickly find it. It’s very likely that you’ll be asked about this if you encounter a checkpoint.

Hire a Moving Company

Moving is a chore even in normal times. In these extraordinary times, hiring a mover is an investment that will pay enormous dividends. When you hire a moving company, you free up your time to take care of the personal logistics associated with moving. It gives you more time to say farewells to friends and family and make the preparations for settling into your new home.

Whether you are moving across town, across the state, across state lines, or clear across the country, a professional moving service will do the heavy lifting for you. This includes packing up your possessions, loading/unloading, and most importantly, transporting your possessions safely to your new home. When you hire a mover, all you have to worry about is not missing the right exit when you reach your destination.

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