Make Your Apartment Move Swift and Easy While Moving in Washington DC Area

It is time to leave your long loved apartment to pursue your future endeavors. As exciting as starting your new life can be, no one wants to deal with a hectic and worrisome experience when moving. However, there are ways to minimize the stress and confusion when the day comes to leave your home for another to almost none. Not only will it make life easier for you, but can also make a world of difference for the busy movers. Here are some tips to help make your apartment move as swift and easy as can be.

In the busy streets of Washington DC, it can often times be a challenge for the movers when finding a place to park. The apartment owner should always clarify with the management of the complex that there is a clear and proper place for the movers to park their truck as to not cause any unnecessary waiting for other vehicles to move. This is also critical for the movers so they do not have a chance at potentially receiving a parking ticket. If there is a loading dock at the complex, that solves any problems relating to parking but be aware that it must be reserved in order for movers to maintain a quick pace during the move otherwise multiple disruptions could arise throughout the day.

Reservations of the freight elevator are a must. The freight elevator should always be reserved well in advance to avoid any potential conflicts with others who might need it. Without the freight elevator reservation, the move could take you much more time than initially anticipated. It makes a world of difference regarding the pace of the move and therefor can save you from extended hourly rate charges.

With all else in consideration, be sure to start your packing well in advance! This is the golden rule when it comes to preparation. If some of your personal belonging are still laying around come the day of the move, stress levels escalate for everyone. Odds are that the movers will be ready to transport your items in the truck well before you are ready to have them sent if you are doing last minute packing. Packing during the move can also create unnecessary traffic depending on the dimensions of the apartment. If you require the movers to pack on the move, it often times helps to label or categorize belongings you would like to be stored to speed up the process of the move.

At the end of the day when everything is set and stone, remember to secure your new home by following these few tips. You should always verify with the new landlord after the move that the lock has been replaced. Get to know your new neighbors and do not let strangers into the building without a key. Lastly, be sure that no packages were left out on the foyer as it can be easy to forget smaller items around a corner.

Be informed and make your move as easy as can be by preparing in advance!

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