Make Easy by Packing Your Belongings with Georgetown Moving

Packing up your personal belongings is always a chore and often times frustrating if done improperly, so it is often important to receive advice prior to beginning your pack if you have not done the pack yourself before. Most everyone knows the basics of safe packing but knowing the packing “not to do” are even more significant. Without paying attention to the wrongdoings of packing, it is highly likely that self packed clients could add on some unnecessary extra time and money from moving damage. Whether you are moving by yourself or with a company, be sure to view these packing tips before you get started with your pack.

Before every pack, it is critical to identify what items and valuables should be placed in each type of box that you are to have moved. Do not pack any of your books in medium or larger sized boxes. Books should always be placed in small boxes even for local moves. If packed in larger boxes, books can cause the edges and corners of the box to rip open just seconds after lifting off the ground for the first time. A busted box during the move means extra materials and labor expenses. Remember to never wrap your lampshades as they are prone to damage from being crushed while in transit. Always put each individual lampshade in its own appropriately sized box with a label for the movers or yourself to know not to stack any other heavier boxes on top. Lastly, never should you pack any fragile items or books in plastic tote bins. These bins are deceiving as to how much weight is appropriate to hold for the size of the bin. The tote bins have thinner walls as well and do not provide as much protection for fragile goods.

For longer moves, take the time to empty out dressers and filing cabinets to an understandable weight to carry. Larger filing cabinets should never under any circumstance be left completely filled. Filing cabinets consisting of more than three drawers must be emptied completely or will sometimes be too heavy for movers to even place onto a dolly. It is much appreciated when smaller cabinets with only two drawers are emptied by the customer, but it is up to you to decide whether or not if they are a respectable weight for the movers to carry prior to their arrival. Do not leave any fragile items in drawers! This is a recipe for disaster. Not only do you run the risk for damage on jewelry or other expensive items you have in the drawer, but they can fall through the cracks of the piece of furniture and scratch it even on the exterior between the blankets and wood.

One final note is that you should always make sure that any containers used in the moving process have tops to enable stacking for space conservation. You do not want any items to be displaced anywhere along the process of your move especially during transit on the bumpy roads where your goods are prone to shift a little. Pack smart and your move will be that much easier and stress free!

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