Items Not Covered By Insurance While Your Move

It is always a good idea to purchase insurance for your move. If you have valuable or sentimental furniture, you might want to consider purchasing full value insurance through your mover. However, even with insurance added to your move, there are some items that moving companies do not insure.

It is important that you are aware of what is and is not covered by your moving insurance. That way, you can separate those items and decide how you would like to transport each one. Some of these items can and should be moved by yourself if you are worried about them getting lost or damaged. There are very valid reasons for why moving companies do not insure the following items.

Most of the time, the reason is that the value of the item cannot be accurately assed, or agreed upon, by the parties. The first type of item that moving companies will not insure is jewelry. Neither moving companies nor moving insurance partners can provide insurance coverage for jewelry.

You should think about keeping your jewelry with you while you move. You can also store your jewelry at a bank safety deposit box while you move, and then pick it up when you are moved in. Another classification of items that moving companies will not insure is medications. This includes any type of medication, whether it is prescription or over the counter.

Sports memorabilia and the like is another item type that is restricted from being covered by moving insurance. Like jewelry, it can be hard for parties to reach an agreement on the value of memorabilia. This category also includes music memorabilia, celebrity memorabilia, and historic memorabilia. Anything that has a value difficult to quantify is very difficult to insure for moving companies. People will almost always place a higher monetary value on their item than the moving company will.

Fine art, which is usually not covered by moving insurance, can be covered if the company is willing to package or crate the item and ship it, usually for an added fee. If the customer is unwilling to allow the moving company to package and protect the piece of art, then the moving company will not be able to cover the item. Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, furniture is another category which is not covered by moving insurance.

MDF furniture is also known as pressed wood. Rather than solid wood, MDF furniture is made with tiny pieces of hard wood and soft wood, which are mixed with wax and resin, heated up, and pressed together. MDF furniture is usually shipped in pieces for a reason it is not strong enough to withstand being moved! That is the reason moving companies do not cover pressed wood furniture items.

Moving companies are willing to move MDF furniture, however there is a good chance that it will fall apart during the move. If you do choose to have your pressed wood furniture moved by a moving company, you might want to consider disassembling it as much as possible before having it moved. You should remove anything that is inside pressed wood furniture. Finally, moving companies do not cover any boxes that are packed by the owner. There are several reasons for this.

The condition of the packed items at the origin cannot be confirmed if items are already packed. Additionally, the items could have been improperly packed, and could be subject to damage because of the way in which they were packed. There is also no way to confirm what was packed. So if something that was packed by the owner was lost, there is no way to confirm that it was ever actually packed.

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