In-Home Moving and Storage Estimates

Not sure how much stuff you will be moving? Is your house or apartment cluttered or do you have an extraordinary amount of stuff?

Dont underestimate the quantity of your belongings and realize on the day of your move that you need two trucks instead of one. Take advantage of our free in-home estimates! We recommend requesting an in-home estimate if you are unsure that your belongings will all fit in one truck.

Unfortunately, our online and over-the-phone estimates do not account for each and every item, it is almost inevitable that some items will be overlooked (although that doesnt mean they will be left behind). It is also sometimes difficult to estimate the number of boxes that will be needed to pack up all the miscellaneous items. This is exactly what our estimators are for!

We will send a representative to your residence or office to take a complete inventory and give you the most accurate estimate possible. Our estimators look at all factors that could affect your move, quantity of inventory, distance to elevator/loading dock, noting which pieces of furniture will need to be disassembled to move, etc. Our estimators will identify potential problems/hang-ups which could slow your move and address them. We will work around your schedule to set up an appointment time prior to your move. Our in-home estimates usually take about a half hour of your time.

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