Identifying A Good Moving Company For Successful Relocation

The very first step of any move whether it be cross-country or within the same city limits, is to begin looking for the right moving company for you. As you type the words moving companies into the search bar you will be bombarded by hundreds of pages of various moving companies with ads about crazy low prices and ridiculous promises.

With tons of big trans-continental companies and small local ones with a vary of positive and negative traits it can be pretty difficult to navigate around. But before you stress yourself out any more than you already are take some helpful advice from your friends at Georgetown Moving and Storage.

Start by calling local companies and obtaining estimates. Be sure to keep an eye out for some warning signs that this company might not be the right one for you. Check to be sure that this company has a physical address most of the legit ones will and all of the shady ones will not. That way if something does goes wrong there is an actual place you can stop by and speak to someone. See if they offer in-home estimates, sometimes if you are calling a company out of town they might not offer this so if that is the case then see how detailed their estimate is.

You will not want to sign up with a company that does not require a detailed inventory of the items you wish to transport because they are either careless, will hire any average joe off the street to move your belongings, or you run the risk of losing some precious cargo. Building a detailed estimate is the foundation to any move, understand that there are variable charges and that estimates can range in price depending on hours it takes to complete and materials used per move. However be aware of too high or too low prices especially if that comes with a high deposit or uncommon terms like cash only.

Some companies will take a deposit but usually no more than 30% if they ask for larger amounts than that they could be trying to scam you. Another tall-tale sign is the companies website. Check to see what they have on there like at georgetownmoving.com you can buy materials, read informative blogs, and even build an estimate on your own! Also be sure to check for a physical address and look for reviews and pictures of the company. Most moving companies have tons of pictures of their team conducting moves in their uniforms beware of generic pictures that look like they were taken off the internet.

You should be able to see company logos on uniforms and the name of the company on the trucks. Be sure to also check for a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredidation with any company you work with. That mark will mean that the company is legit and has a good enough record to consider this company trustworthy. It does not take much time to check up on a few moving companies and trust me those few hours you invest on it will pay off big time the day of your move.

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