How Weather Conditions May Effect Your Move Day

Rescheduling a move at the last minute because of bad weather is often not an option, although inconvenient, bad weather is something that we have learnt to deal with over the years. If its weather in the summer or weather in the winter, each provides its own unique challenges.

In the winter, snow can cause major delays during moves. Snow will not only slow down traffic, but can also delay the actual packing and loading. PLAN AHEAD, if snow has fallen the night before, consider shoveling the driveway and walkway so that our crew can safely load your belongings into our trucks. If the walkway or path is not cleared and safe for our movers to walk thru, this may drastically effect your move. Save time and money by clearing a pathway yourself in advance.

In the summertime the challenges are less obvious but just as real. Dehydration and fatigue is more of a factor in the summer months than in the winter. Rain can create conditions where mud and debris is tracked into your house. Our crews are equipped with carpets and runners that they use for just these circumstances in order to protect your home.

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