How to use moving boxes and packing supplies when moving or using storage space

An important part of any move is the packing. Clothes, Dishes, books, miscellaneuous, and smaller items all need to be packed before you can move. One option is just throwing all these loose items into a large bin or crate and moving that on a dolly or with a cart. While this method of moving smaller items might save time and the cost of multiple boxes and tape, it leaves your property more susceptable to damage than if it was neatly packed in boxes.

Georgetown Moving and Storage is happy to pack yourclothes, dishes, books, and smaller items into boxes for you. We will protect your furtiture with moving blankets regardless of whether or not we are packing up your house as well. Our trained movers go through rigorous training on how to properly pack your items into the correct boxes. We know how to pad boxes for delicates and how to wrap different items in different ways. For packing smaller items into boxes, our moving crews can use materials you may have on hand like tape, boxes, bubble wrap and padding, etc. or we can use our own materials if you do not have any.

Packing materials can be bought before the pack through us or through a different retailer. We offer boxes in many different sizes. Our small boxes are perfect for heavier items like books, dvds, cds, heavier toys, etc. Our medium boxes are ideal for miscessaneous items that are not very heavy. Our large boxes are best suited for bulky, light weight items like clothes, bedding, pillows, etc. Our dish boxes are specially designed for fragile items because the boxes have double walls and are sturdier. Our dish boxes are best used to pack dishes, breakables, and valuables. They are also ideal for taller items that wont stand up in other boxes. If you have a very tall item, or if you would like to transport your clothing on hangers instead of folding them into a box, you might be interested in our wardrobe boxes. They hold about two feet of hanging space in them, and are our largest boxes. Like our dish boxes, the wardrobe boxes are double walled as well. For pictures, mirrors, and televisions we suggest using our sliding picture boxes. Each box is folded to protect either one corner, two corners, or a side depending on the size of the item. Picture corner boxes interlock around the item in order to provide 100% protection.

Variety of moving boxes can be purchased through our online store located in Washington DC Area at: DC moving boxes webpage. We also offer packing materials via our online store. You can purchase tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, stretch wrap to protect sofas and upholstered furniture, and storage pads for items that are going to a storage space unit. We deliver our boxes Monday-Friday, two business days after you place your order. Our delivery service is fast and easy. Customers that have a move scheduled with us are able to order our boxes over the phone which will be delivered the next day.

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