How To Select The Right Moving Company

The most important part of selecting movers is knowing exactly what you are getting and what to expect.

Is the company you are looking at fully licensed, bonded, and insured? Many companies are not. If for any reason your items might be damaged on your move, if the company you select does not have these things you may end up paying out of pocket to have your items or home repaired. Most companies have proof of insurance on their website and clearly indicate that they are bonded and licensed.

Lets talk numbers.

Does the company you are looking into offer free estimates or in-home estimates? Most companies offer the option of getting an estimate over the phone, online, or even in person. See what the company you are looking at offers.

Once you have gotten your estimate look at the way the company is pricing out your move. Does this company charge by the distance, hourly, weight/poundage, or number of items? All companies charge differently and this is an important factor in your move. It is also important to find out if the company has a minimum.

So now you have gotten an estimate… whats next?

Before booking your move youll want to ask one of the companies sales associate some important questions:

What is their cancellation policy? Most companies have cancellation policies that range from 24 hours to a week in advance. Things can always go wrong with finding a new apartment in time, being able to move in, elevator reservations, and closing dates. Finding out what the companies cancellation policy is can save you unexpected money down the road if anything comes up.

Are there any hidden charges? Its always important to read the fine print. Many companies charge a fuel fee, stair/elevator charge and many additional things which are not indicated clearly in the estimate. Be sure to ask about any additional fees that could be added later on to see how that may effect your total.

Are these YOUR employees? Many companies contract out work to other companies or even get day laborers to assist with moves. This is an important factor as well. If you look into the company ask them about their employees to be sure all of them are full time employees with training and experience.

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