How To Select Right Moving Company for Your Moving Needs

When searching for your next move, it is critical to select a company with the best quality assurance and care that you can receive. Georgetown Moving provides a piece of mind when you make one of the largest steps in your life.

As a company based out of Washington DC, we provide services to a diverse amount of locations spread across the DC metropolitan and beyond with each requiring its own unique approach. Here is why Georgetown Moving and Storage has the ability to provide optimum moving experience when it comes to selecting the best move for you.

We are a registered carrier by the Department of Transportation meaning we can travel across mid atlantic to provide you with fastest delivery time for long distance moves. This means we can arrive to any of our out of state delivery or pickup sites within one to two days in comparison to other 18 wheeler competitors who many times will have multiple drop offs or pick ups along the way. With this in mind, we are also licensed as an interstate authority carrier by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guaranteeing reliable transportation of your valued items. Georgetown Moving and Storage is GSA approved and prepared to provide services to government facilities as needed.

Our moving team is fully trained prior to any move to ensure that there is minimal risk associated with your move. With every move requiring a different approach, our training ensures that every member of our team will be prepared for any difficulties in the move whether it be oversized items, difficult terrain, inclement whether or tight spaces. Our training includes providing our employees with all the information necessary to securely wrap/pack and protect any valuables along with safely escorting the items to and from the truck without any issues. Our oversized bins and vast supply of dollies also allow us to make the move even safer and faster.

Have items to be stored? We also have a storage option in our warehouse so everything is secured and monitored for your convenience. We have cameras and recordings around the clock to make sure there is nothing to worry about. Your items will be safely secured in the many available vaults in the warehouse labeled and numbered to verify correct storage and removal one hundred percent of the time.

Our friendly and experienced management team is always willing to provide you with the information you need to get the most out of your move. We select the best movers who we feel fit to thrive at your specific move with unparalleled team coordination and support. Georgetown Moving and Storage is always committed to providing exceptional customer support if you ever need anything else prior, during, or after the move. Please feel free to call at any time. We also provide options for detailed in home estimates should you ever feel any concern or just want face to face verification. Once you feel that Georgetown Moving is right for you, we will do everything we can to make sure that the official moving day and time fits your specific and busy schedule.

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