How to Save on Residential Storage in DC, MD & VA

Looking for a place to store your belongings? When comparing storage options, the price is probably your top consideration. Whether you’re planning on short- or long-term storage, the costs can add up quickly. Follow these tips to help you save.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

If you’re running out of space to store belongings in your house, it might be time to get rid of a few things. Instead of paying to store items you’ll never use again, take a weekend to go through your stuff and decide what you’re willing to let go of. Sell, donate, recycle, or throw away what you can, and only store the essentials.

Weigh the Replacement Cost

Perhaps you lived on your own for a while, but now you’re getting a roommate or moving back in with your parents. Consider whether it’s worth the cost to store duplicate furniture on the off chance that you might need it again someday. It may be smarter to sell the furniture rather than store it, even if it means possibly buying replacements a few years from now.

Work on Developing a Minimalist Mindset

Minimalism is the opposite of hoarding. To save on storage costs in the future, learn to put more value in your time and experiences rather than belongings. This will help you focus more on making memories instead of collecting things. Your home will be tidier, you’ll feel more peaceful, and you’ll spend less on acquiring and storing possessions.

Opt for Affordable Storage Solutions from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company

We have some of the most affordable storage in DC, Virginia, and Maryland! Unlike traditional “self” solutions where storage units are accessible to everyone, our portable units are stored in a climate-controlled warehouse. This is called a “portable vault” system, which is safer, more secure, and lower cost than self-storage.

We have four convenient storage unit facilities in DC, Arlington, Alexandria, and Landover. In these warehouses, storage containers measuring 7’ high by 5’ wide by 7’ deep stack together economically. Our facilities include the newest fire safety technology and security features, including cameras and alarms, with access limited to the warehouse manager. In this way, your belongings stay safe, and you pay less!

Interested in saving on storage? If so, contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company at (703) 466-0575 to learn more about our affordable storage options in DC.

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