How To Prepare Furniture For Moving

Moving takes a lot of preparation. The bigger the move, the more preparation it takes. Furniture items can take a lot of preparation in some situations. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, Georgetown Moving and Storage knows this, and we have dealt with them all.

Dressers that were too large to fit through a doorway, beds that have to be disassembled, headboards that would not fit going up stairs, Georgetown Moving and Storage has seen everything! We will provide a couple of pointers for preparing some different types of furniture.

Some furniture pieces, such as couches, headboards, etc. can be very large. Please make sure that these kinds of pieces fit in your new residence before you move. We have never been to your new home, it is not our fault if your headboard does not fit going up the stairway in your new home. If you know you have a furniture piece that must go through a doorway or tight space and you know it needs to be broken down, you might want to consider having the piece cut.

You can cut furniture very discreetly to get it into a home or room and then reattach it either with special glue or with tools. Georgetown Moving and Storage has seen both couches and headboards cut and then put back together. Dressers are a common furniture item that people seldom prepare. Many dressers have a somewhat cheap backing holding the drawers and clothes in place. This backing is not made to support the weight of a drawer filled with clothes, or any other items that might be in the drawer.

A lot of times when people leave their belongings in the drawer it makes the dresser more susceptible to damage. Georgetown Moving and Storage advises that you remove everything from the drawers before the moving crew arrives. This will save the dresser and save time that the movers would spend packing those things into boxes. On more than a few moves, a customers bed will have to be disassembled, especially if it is a storage bed with drawers.

This takes a lot of time for us to do. We understand if you are unable to or do not want to do this tedious and difficult job and we are happy to do it for you! But if you are concerned about the total bill, one way to cut it down would be to do this kind of preparation yourself.

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