How to Pack Furniture for Moving

When preparing for a move, few things cause more strife and stress than trying to figure out how best to get your larger possessions safely to your new destination. If you’re looking to find the best ways to move furniture for your upcoming local or long-distance move, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company can help you simplify the process with this quick, simple guide!

You’ll want to have these materials on hand:

  • Measuring tape
  • Notepad and pen
  • Permanent marker and labels (or masking tape)
  • Heavy-duty packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic covers and plastic wrap

Cull Any Unwanted Furniture

The best initial step to any moving process is to first remove and reduce. If you have items you’ve been lugging around for years, or if you’ve been considering a new sofa, now is the ideal time to rid yourself of your old ones.

Removing furniture for disposal is best done by:

  • Donating your old furniture
  • Hiring a junk removal company
  • Listing it online, either with a price tag or for free

Accurately Measure All Furniture Items

Taking accurate measurements of your furniture benefits you in two big ways. First, it will make things clearer for your moving company, should you choose to use one. It’s also a good way to plan out how much material you will need for packing and help you plan out the floorplan of your new home.

Disassemble Applicable Furniture

Taking your items down to their simplest form is hands-down the best way to minimize the labor involved in the actual physical moving process. That antique oak chest of drawers may be 200 lbs assembled, but pull out the drawers and remove the feet and you can cut the number in half to make the entire move so much easier—and less risky to your back!

Before you begin to disassemble, be sure to have these supplies on hand:

  • Plastic bags for screws and nuts
  • Screwdriver and wrench

Some of your best candidates for disassembly are:

  • Drawers from chests of drawers
  • Table legs
  • Refrigerator doors
  • Mounting hardware from audio/visual equipment

Covering & Padding Your Furniture

Plastic sheeting, bubble wrap, and cloth covers are great for keeping your furniture protected against weather, moving, and potential mishaps. It also helps to keep your items dust-free so that you don’t immediately dirty up your new home.

Be sure to use the appropriate covering or padding for each furniture type:

  • Bubble wrap is best used to protect wooden furniture, glass, and electronics. For items that have spaces between them that could be jostled and damaged, using cardboard as a spacer is also worthwhile.
  • Plastic covers and cloth are great for ensuring your cloth or leather-clad furniture items keep safe from any forms of damage or staining.

We recommend affixing covers, be it bubble wrap or plastic, with masking tape. This makes the bundle nice and secure and keeps the furniture as safe as possible.

Enlist Experienced, Qualified Movers

When you’re looking to pack your furniture safely, no one does it better than a professional that has made moving their career! Movers have the experience, tools, and resources to move any furniture item, from small tables to grand pianos.

When shopping for a mover, it’s important to find movers that are affordable so they fit into your budget—but don’t just grab anyone! Take the time to check out reviews, experience, and any certifications or awards to get a good feel for the mover.

If you’re looking for a professional moving company in MD, VA, or DC, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company is the name to know. Connect with us online to learn more!

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