How to Move Quickly

When you’re under pressure to move out quickly, you may experience increased stress. You feel rushed to check tasks off your to-do list in a matter of days when you normally have weeks to complete them. Here are our top tips for moving quickly without losing your sanity.

Hire a Moving Company

It’s much easier to move quickly when you have a team of professionals on your side. To make sure you have a positive experience, it’s still wise to take an afternoon to research different moving companies in the DC metro area. Before making your selection, you should:

Decide What Services to Utilize

The more tasks you leave up to your movers, the more time you free up to tackle other projects. Trust Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for the following:

  • Packing supplies: Don’t scramble for boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and other supplies when you can get them from your moving company.
  • Packing services: From partial packing help to full packing services, receiving assistance from professional movers means you can pack up your home faster than ever. This is a real lifesaver when you need to move quickly!
  • Storage: Maybe you’re moving into a temporary space or living with friends for a few months while you wait for your new home to finish being built. Residential storage services give you a safe, affordable place to store your belongings after you move until you need them again.
  • Moving truck: Forget renting a trailer or cramming your belongings into the back of your friend’s pickup. A full-size moving truck is large enough to move everything you need. Plus, an experienced, professional driver tackles the arduous task of navigating the large vehicle through DC traffic on your behalf.
  • Loading/unloading services: Whether you’re moving locally within the DC metro area, or you have a long-distance move planned, you need help loading and unloading to make the process go quickly.

Schedule a Moving Date

It’s best if you can set the big day four to six weeks out. However, if you have to move quickly, most moving companies can accommodate your needs.

Donate or Discard Unwanted Items

If you have time to sell furniture and other items you don’t want to take with you, great! If you’re extremely short on time, you may need to donate or discard items instead. Either way, limiting the belongings you take with you will make moving day go faster.

Don’t Forget Your “Day Of” Box

If you’re relying on professional packing services to help moving day go smoothly, make sure you prepare your “day of” box in advance. Fill this box with everything you need to get by for a day or two while transitioning to your new home. Plan to keep this box, suitcase, or bag with you rather than loading it into the truck for easy access.

Get Help Moving Quickly in the DC Area

The daunting task of relocating with just a few days’ notice is enough to send you into a panic. Fortunately, with help from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, moving quickly is a breeze! Our team is careful but quick, thorough but efficient. We can help you and your family move within the Washington, DC metro area or across state lines. No move is too large or too small for us to help you tackle quickly.

To learn more about our moving services, please call our team at (703) 466-0575 today. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide a free estimate for our services.

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