How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need?

Furniture and appliances are the most substantial things you need to move, but the remainder of your belongings must be packed in boxes for safe transport. If you plan to purchase high-quality moving boxes, overestimating the amount you need could be a costly mistake, but underestimating could leave you scrambling for more boxes at the last minute. Use this packing guide to help you determine how many moving boxes you need.

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Types of Boxes

Plan to secure various box sizes and types for different applications:

  • Small boxes are for dense, heavy objects like books and canned food.
  • Medium boxes are for average items such as office supplies.
  • Large boxes are for bulky, lightweight items including pillows and stuffed animals.
  • Dish boxes are heavy-duty and double-walled to protect dishes and glassware.
  • Wardrobe boxes are tall and feature a hanging rod for clothing.
  • Picture boxes are flat and expandable for protecting mirrors and artwork.

Average Number of Boxes Needed to Pack a House or Apartment

The size of your home directly correlates to the number of boxes you’ll likely need:

  • Studio apartment: 10-20 boxes
  • One-bedroom apartment: 20-40 boxes
  • Two-bedroom apartment: 40-60 boxes
  • Three-bedroom home: 80-100 boxes
  • Four-bedroom home: 100-120 boxes

Use these guidelines to help you estimate how many boxes you’ll need per room:

  • Kitchen: 2-4 small boxes, 5-6 medium boxes, 4 large boxes, and 4-6 dish boxes
  • Living room: 2-4 small boxes, 3-4 medium boxes, 4 large boxes, and 1-2 dish boxes
  • Dining room: 2-3 medium boxes and 2-4 dish boxes
  • Bedrooms: 1-3 small boxes, 5-6 medium boxes, 5 large boxes, and 2-4 wardrobe boxes per bedroom
  • Bathrooms: 2 small boxes and 1-2 large boxes per bathroom

Reasons to Buy More Boxes

As a general rule of thumb, the longer you have lived in your house or apartment—and the more people who call this their home—the more boxes you’ll need. Here are some specific reasons to buy more boxes than the averages listed above:

  • You have a hall closet, garage, shed, basement, or attic.
  • You have lots of books, papers, or records. (Add 6 small boxes for every bookcase in your home.)
  • You have lots of souvenirs, kitchenware, and miscellaneous items.
  • Your kids have lots of toys and stuffed animals.
  • You have artwork and mirrors on the walls.

Don’t Forget Other Packing Supplies

Boxes are the most fundamental packing material, but you’ll also need these additional supplies on moving day:

  • Packing tape, duct tape, masking tape, and tape dispensers
  • Scissors and box cutters
  • Permanent markers for labeling boxes
  • Colored markers or sticker labels for color-coding your boxes
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper, or newsprint

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