How Do I Pack Glass Items?

One of the most worrisome aspects of your upcoming move is the possibility of something breaking. Glass is among the most fragile materials you’ll be bringing with you to your new home, so to ensure everything arrives in one piece, follow these tips for how to pack glass items.

Stock Up on the Right Packing Supplies

You need cushioning materials to help glass items survive the hustle and bustle of moving day. Make sure you have plenty of the following supplies on hand:

  • Durable corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Lightweight cushioning materials, such as Styrofoam peanuts, cornstarch pellets, or linens
  • Masking tape
  • Packing tape

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Pack Glass Items with Care

Some glass items may require slightly different packing methods, but these tips work well in most situations:

  • Prepare the box. Start by building a box of an appropriate size. (If you’re packing drinking glasses, you may want a box with inserts to separate each item.) Tape the bottom of the box securely with two strips of packing tape. Then, fill the box with a few layers of Styrofoam peanuts or cornstarch pellets.
  • Wrap each glass item individually to ensure they don’t touch while inside the box. Begin with a sheet of paper secured with masking tape. Then, wrap multiple layers of bubble wrap around the glass item, holding each one in place with a piece of masking tape.
  • Set each wrapped item in the box with plenty of space between each one. Be sure to load the heaviest items first.
  • Fill in all empty spaces in the box with packing materials. This means pouring Styrofoam peanuts or cornstarch pellets around the items packed in the box or surrounding them with linens from around the house, such as scarves, T-shirts, and pot holders. Make sure the packing materials fill the box to the brim.
  • Seal the box and give it a light shake. If you detect any shifting or movement, open the box and pad it with more packing materials. Once the items in the box feel stable, apply another strip of packing tape to ensure the lid is completely secure.
  • Place the finished boxes in a larger box lined with Styrofoam corner protectors, air-filled packing pillows, or other cushioning materials for added protection.
  • Label boxes with glass items so your movers know to handle them with extreme caution. Writing “FRAGILE” in big, bold letters on at least three sides is the best way to ensure your glass items receive the extra care they need. It might also be helpful to include “THIS SIDE UP” on the top of the box to ensure it isn’t tipped on its side.

Arrange Professional Packing Services in DC, VA & MD

Whether you want to utilize partial packing services for tricky items, or you want a professional team to tackle every aspect of the packing process, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company can meet your needs. We can pack by room, expertly wrap fragile items, or pack your entire house—it’s your choice!

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