Georgetown Moving Apple to Apple Price Match Guarantee

Have you received a lower price quote from one of our competitors? Georgetown Moving and Storage does a apples to apples price matching of our competitors quotes.

What is apples to apples price matching? If you have received a similar quote from another company who offers a lower hourly rate for your local move or lower flat rate for a long distance move, we will compare our estimate to theirs and either match the price or beat it.

Not all companies are equal. For local moves with regards to our price matching, the competitor to be compared they must be registered with the DOT. Along with this the company must be fully bonded and insured as we are and all information is listed on FMCSA web page for verification.

For long distance price matching the company being compared must be equal as well. Georgetown Moving and Storage is an express van line, for all of our interstate moves we offer direct guaranteed service. This means that your items are brought directly to your new location with no stops (unless requested by you) and most long distance moves have 1,2 or 3 days guaranteed delivery date from pick up! If our competitor is a van line who gives a 2-3 week window of delivery, we are unable to match this pricing. Additionally, as with our long distance moves, the competitor must also be DOT registered and fully bonded and insured as well.

If you would like to participate in our price matching please contact our office for more information.

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