Eco-Friendly Moving and Storage Option In Washington DC Metro Area

With all the stress and distractions about your move it can be hard to focus on the clean up as well. You can imagine that during a big move you can accumulate quite a bit of trash. This can add to your stress level and even your expenses, making your move a disaster and leaving your new home a mess. Not only that but this issue can turn into a eco-nightmare with cardboard, tape, and plastic everywhere. Luckily our brilliant team at Georgetown Moving and Storage has steps and can provide a few pointers and services to keep our environment safe and your move clean and tidy.

To start, our office staff, full of trained estimators, can reduce the size of your carbon footprint by constructing an accurate estimate for your move. This is when we determine how many trucks will be needed and how much material is necessary to efficiently complete your job. This not only saves on resources, protecting the environment, but it also helps save you money because we only charge you for what we use! The materials the office provides our movers are all recyclable and eco-friendly. They can even coordinate trash removals for you if you are interested in that service as well. Our professional movers have the experience and knowledge to complete any move in the most efficient matter.

Here at Georgetown Moving and Storage we conduct useful and innovative training procedures that help save time, space, and money. If we have had the pleasure of relocating you already then you might have picked up on some of our tactics. One thing our guys are great at is properly loading the truck, using every bit of available space in a delicate manner. This helps by reducing the number of vehicles needed to complete your move. Georgetown movers also do a great job of picking up after themselves. They pick up all discarded tape, boxes, moving blankets, wrapping paper, and plastic. We reuse what we can and we properly dispose of the rest. With a clean house, great service, and a smooth move you can enjoy unpacking and setting up your new home.

While setting up your new home or preparing to move from your original one you may look at certain items and realize you no longer have a need for them, however, someone else just might. There are many services you can find online to set up a donation pick up giving your unneeded items to those who may be able to make use of them. Also you may find yourself left with excess boxes after unpacking, instead of throwing them out you can look up fun ideas for old box uses such as building a fort, or putting together a costume. Together, Georgetown Moving and Storage and you, can be eco-friendly!

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