How to Decide on a Moving Date

You don’t always have control over your moving date. Even when you do, coordinating a day that works with everyone’s schedule is difficult. Determine your priorities and consider these factors to help you decide on a moving date.

If You’re Flexible, Choose an Off Date in the Off Season

The busiest times to move include weekends, holidays, the beginning and end of the month, and anytime in the summer. If you’re flexible about when you move, opt for a weekday in the middle of the month during the fall, winter, or spring. You can expect higher mover availability and lower prices if you take proper advantage of your flexibility.

Consider School Schedules

If you have school-age children, moving can be very disruptive, especially if they’ll have to change schools. For this reason, moving in the summer may be your best choice. If you have a local move in mind, and changing schools won’t be necessary, a holiday weekend or winter break may be your next best bet.

Keep Your Work Schedule in Mind

Moving to start a new job may leave you with a narrow window to move. You want to work up until the last minute at your current job to keep the funds flowing, but you must finish moving by the time your starting day arrives.
If your move doesn’t involve changing jobs, you have more flexibility. Moving on the weekend may seem obvious, but using a vacation day could make a potentially cheaper weekday move possible.

Remember Your Lease

Renters have narrow moving dates available. If you rent, you must decide whether breaking your lease is worth the consequences. Speak with your landlord about your situation if you can’t wait until the lease is over to move.

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