Building Requirements Regarding Your Move

If you are moving out of an apartment or condo, your building might have requirements for moving companies working in the building.

Apartment buildings often require the moving company to hold a minimum amount of liability and damage insurance. Georgetown moving and Storage has coverage in amounts that meet or exceed most of the buildings requirements in the Washington area. Our Certificate of Insurance is viewable on our website.

Some buildings ask the moving company to provide floor coverings and elevator padding as well. Georgetown Moving and storage is happy to do so. Buildings also require elevator and loading dock reservations. The resident must be the one who reserves the elevator/loading dock, as buildings only let residents do so.

If your building does not have a loading dock or loading area, street parking must be reserved by the resident through your local police precinct. Parking is important to reserve and doing so can decrease your move time if a long walk is not involved.

A small number of buildings have deadlines that moving companies need to be finished by or else a penalty is imposed on the tenant. Please make sure that we are aware of any deadlines or cut-off times so that we can schedule your move to ensure that we do not surpass that cut-off time.

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