What’s the Best Way to Move Out of State?

Making a long distance move can present a lot more challenges than simply going across town or to a neighboring county. The excitement of a move is certainly still there, but with it comes logistics, planning, pricing—a whole slew of things that may dampen your experience. When considering the issues, you might come to the root of the problem with one simple question: what’s the best way to move out of state?

As a professional long-distance moving company in the DMV metro area, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company is just the kind of team you need to ask! Follow along while we detail some of our best tips to follow when prepping for a long-distance move.

Formulate Your Battle Plan

No move will ever go well unless you build out all of your basic steps. These should include decluttering to remove unnecessary items from the equation, generating a list of all of your valuables and possessions, and then using your list to calculate the packing supplies you will need—and by extension, calculate the total cost of your move. Budgeting appropriately is a huge part of making a long-distance move, and you don’t want any surprises.

Have Your New Home Ready

As an extension of your battle plan, be sure to have your destination prepared. This means connecting with your new local electrical company, water utility company, and your new internet provider in order to ensure everything is running properly when you land in your new space.

Connect with a Reputable Moving Company

Hands-down the easiest way to take the complicated mess out of an out-of-state move is to connect with a skilled, professional, and experienced moving company. Many balk at the idea of shelling out for professional movers, but affordable movers aren’t as hard to find as you may expect. Plus, working with experts makes everything substantially less stressful, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move besides heavy lifting!

Take Advantage of Portable Storage Units!

Portable storage units have made moving so much simpler. Most of the trouble with a move is the packing, labeling, and hauling of your belongings, not to mention the hassle of renting a moving truck. So why not deal with none of these things? Portable storage units are large containers—usually the size of half of a room—that can be rented and loaded on your schedule.

Take all the time you need to pack up, and then when the packing is done, the moving company will transport your portable storage units to your new home. It’s moving at its easiest, and it may be the best way to move out of state.

Connect with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for Out-of-State Moving

Looking to make your move a breeze? Georgetown Moving and Storage Company has almost 20 years of experience in providing clients with unparalleled service and quality moving and storage solutions. Each member of the team is skilled, professional, and fully dedicated to ensuring you get the quality service you deserve.

Whether you’re looking for a full-service moving company or movers that provide portable storage units, ours is the name you need to know. Contact us online or call (703) 466-0575 to get started!

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