Back to School Moving Tips

Whether you’re coming home from a semester abroad, starting school in the spring semester, or just moving to a different apartment near your school—moving back to school never seems to get any easier. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone! With reliable dorm room movers and apartment movers, you can ensure moving day goes smoothly. Plus, if you implement some of our back to school moving tips, you can make the moving process even easier.

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How to Move Back to School

To keep your move affordable and easy, follow this back to school moving checklist:

  • Find out if your dorm room is furnished: If you’re a freshman, this is probably your first time living on your own. Many of the things you take for granted at mom and dad’s house won’t be in your college dorm. However, if the dorm room is furnished, this will save you a lot of time and effort. You’ll still need bedding, a computer, and clothes—but your dorm might come with a bed, desk, and closet for you to use during the semester.
  • Move only the essentials—buy the rest when you get there: Be sure to pack personal items like clothing, bedding, dishware, and toiletries, but wait until you get settled in before you buy furniture, electronics, and appliances. This way, you don’t have to lug everything from your parents’ house to your dorm room.
  • Think outside the box: There’s no doubt you’ll need to pack some items in cardboard boxes, but load up other storage containers first. Are you taking suitcases to college with you? Don’t move them empty—pack clothes inside to maximize space in the back of your car. Are you bringing plastic storage bins? Fill them to the brim with lightweight bulky items, such as bedding and towels. How about a backpack or tote bag? Load it up!
  • Enjoy yourself: Moving is never easy, but you can make packing more fun by listening to your favorite songs. Be sure to snack on high-energy foods while you pack as well, such as granola bars, trail mix, and fresh fruit. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too! Pack a few snacks in your purse or backpack and keep a water bottle with you on moving day for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Learn the logistics of moving in: Does your dorm room have a staggered move-in schedule? If so, when is your day to move? Are you required to reserve a spot to unload your moving truck? Do you need a parking permit the first night you’re there? A few phone calls to answer these questions could save you hours of frustration.
  • Remember to plan for the end of the semester: In just a few months, you’ll have to pack up and vacate your dorm room. You may plan to move everything back home, but if you’ll be back in just a few months, putting your belongings in a college student storage unit may be a better option.

Back-to-School Movers in DC, VA & MD

Many college students can transport all their belongings in the back of an SUV, but if you have a small car—or no car at all—hiring professional movers is the right answer. Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers affordable, award-winning college moving services in the DC, VA, and MD areas. If you want your move to go smoothly, consider choosing us when you move back to school next semester.

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