How Far in Advance Should I Call a Moving Company?

Moving can be stressful and confusing, especially if it’s been a few years since your last move. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone! With the right moving company, you can find the answers to your questions in an affordable and timely manner. You just need to know how far in advance to start making arrangements.

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How & When to Contact Movers in DC, MD & VA

The moving company you work with can determine how smoothly your moving day will go. As you begin taking steps to hire a moving company, make sure you reach out far enough in advance. While it may seem stressful, all you really have to do is simply call the moving company or fill out an online moving estimate form to get the ball rolling.

Here’s the timeline you should follow depending on when and where you’re moving:

  • Local move during the summer: For moves within the same city during the busy season, call a moving company four to eight weeks in advance.
  • Local move during the off season: Your mover may only need two to four weeks’ notice if you’re moving during the less eventful fall, winter, or spring months.
  • Move within the same state during the summer: To make sure you find a high-quality mover willing to transport you a little further, start looking for the right company 10 to 12 weeks before moving day.
  • Move within the same state during the off season: You can get away with calling a moving company just four to eight weeks before your intrastate move if the big day is during the slower off season.
  • Long-distance move during the summer: For a move that will take you over state lines, start calling movers at least 12 weeks in advance.
  • Long-distance move during the off season: You should still try to give your moving company at least eight weeks’ notice when planning an interstate move, even during the off season.
  • International move: If you’re moving out of the country, start planning at least three to four months ahead.

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

The above time frames are estimates to help ensure you call your moving company at a time and date that works best for you. But, it’s still not too late to call if moving day is fast approaching and you still don’t have a mover lined up. You’ll be glad you hired professional movers when you start enjoying all of the benefits:

  • No physical injuries: You’re not used to lifting furniture, carrying boxes, or transporting appliances up and down the stairs. When you leave the job to professional movers, you eliminate the possibility of physical injury on moving day.
  • More free time: Check other items off your to-do list while your movers handle the grunt work.
  • Professional services and equipment: Forget your friends’ grumpy attitudes and the beat up trailer you borrowed. With professional movers, you get reliable service with a smile and a clean, well-stocked moving truck.
  • Insurance: You have the option of protecting your valuables with full insurance when you hire a moving company.

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