Adding Extra Stops To A Local or Long Distance Move

Are you getting married, moving in with roommates, moving out of a college house with multiple people, or have a move to make with multiple stops? Georgetown Moving and Storage can easily accommodate your move no matter how many stops or how complicated.

We have seen it all before! If you are getting married, or moving in with your significant other and are combining the move, Georgetown Moving and Storage can pick up your belongings from both locations and deliver them to one location, usually in the same day if both locations are in the beltway area.

Georgetown Moving and Storage can also dispose of any furniture or belongings that you no longer need or want if your partner has a nicer couch or bed, have us dispose of the other one for you. We can accommodate as many stops as you need on your move. If you are moving in with roommates, and more than one of you are moving in at the same time, you may want to consider combining the move and splitting the cost.

That will save all of you time, money, and the headache of having to organize individual moves. Not to mention that you will only have one day when people are moving furniture around your house, which can be loud and distracting, instead of multiple days for multiple moves. Maybe you have the opposite situation for your move you are moving out of a house with roommates. If you and your roommates want to save money moving together instead of moving individually, Georgetown Moving and Storage can help with that as well! We will load our truck according to whose residence we will be stopping at first, to ensure that your move proceeds with ease.

Georgetown Moving and Storage has moved many people in and out of college living situations at all universities and colleges in the area, not just Georgetown University. We do not only move college students, we often move families that have a public storage unit in addition to the inventory from their residence. We usually pick-up the household inventory before the storage inventory, but we can pick-up your shipment in whichever order you would like.

Another multiple stop move that Georgetown Moving and Storage deals with quite a bit is a move from a house to a storage unit and then on to the new house. Often times people move to a smaller home or an apartment and do not want to throw out their things. A two-stop move to a storage facility and then to their new home is a perfect way to go about this, and Georgetown Moving and Storage is always ready to help.
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