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Georgetown Moving and Storage Company serves the entire DC metro area with high-quality moving services. We make moving day as painless as possible with low prices, experienced movers, and excellent customer service. Let us help you plan and execute your upcoming move to, from, or within Bethesda. We’ll ensure your belongings make it to their final destination unscathed.

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Moving Boxes & Supplies

You have many options for gathering the moving supplies you need. You can scrounge for decent boxes and protect delicate belongings with old newspaper. Or you can choose the better option and get moving supplies from us! Our low prices make it easy to order everything you need all in one place.

If you’re not sure how many boxes and other supplies to order, give us a call. The professionals at our moving company near Bethesda will offer our expert recommendations based on the size of your home or business.

Packing Services

Packing is the most time-consuming part of moving. If you have too much on your plate to make time to pack, rely on the professional team of packers at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.

Our Bethesda-area moving company offers full- or partial-service packing to meet your needs and budget, allowing you to customize your moving experience. We can help you pack up your entire house or focus on especially tricky rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Storage Units

Are you moving directly to your new home, or do you need a place to store belongings while you wait for your new home to be ready? Perhaps you simply want to declutter your home or prepare for an open house. Whatever the case, Georgetown Moving and Storage Company offers short- and long-term storage near Bethesda to meet your needs.

Our storage facility is different from traditional self-storage. Instead of outdoor units that anyone can access with a key, our self-storage units stack economically in a climate-controlled warehouse. Our storage facilities have state-of-the-art security features and are guarded by a warehouse manager at all times. This system keeps storage costs down while carefully preserving your belongings until you need them again.

Move Locally in Bethesda with Help from Georgetown Moving and Storage Company

Movers in Bethesda, MD

Even if you’re relocating your family within the Bethesda area, moving is still stressful. Let our local moving company near Bethesda help to ease the physical and emotional strain of moving to a new home or office. With our team there to handle the heavy lifting and truck transportation, you’re free to tackle the other logistics of moving day. Plus, you eliminate the chance of injury, which can easily occur if you’re not used to the rigors of moving day.

Long-Distance Moving in Bethesda

Trying to move across state lines without a mover to help makes the trip much more stressful. Why not work with long-distance movers that offer guaranteed delivery days? If you’re moving to or from Bethesda and anywhere in the eastern United States, choose Georgetown Moving and Storage Company for a stress-free experience. We offer the long-distance moving in Bethesda that you’re looking for.

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You may fear that hiring movers in Bethesda will be too expensive, but with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company, you get the best services at unbeatable prices. You can depend on our moving company near Bethesda to provide storage, packing, and moving services that are safe and reliable. For local and long-distance moving in Bethesda as well as packing and storage services, call on Georgetown Moving and Storage Company.

Your search for “movers near me” is over! To request a free moving quote, please call us at 703-889-8899 or contact us online today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bethesda Moving Companies

Will moving companies store your stuff?

Many moving companies will store your possessions. This makes it easier for you to plan your move and alleviates the stress of trying to move and take care of all the logistics at the same time.

How much does it cost to store furniture with a moving company?

It depends on the moving company, but as a general rule, you can expect to pay around $50 per month for a 5×5 unit and up to $150 a month for a 10×15 unit. These prices can be higher if you opt for climate-controlled storage.

How much does it cost to have movers move your stuff?

The cost of moving depends on how much you need to move and how far you need to move it. It can cost several hundred dollars to move a single bedroom within a 50-mile radius, while moving a 4-5 bedroom home could cost several thousand dollars. Because the cost is dependent on many factors, it is best to secure a quote before contracting a moving company to move your possessions.

Are PODS cheaper than moving companies?

In most cases, PODS are more expensive than moving companies. While PODS is a good company, customers pay a premium for using a big-name company that provides the same service as many smaller moving companies at far less the price. Often, the price is significant. Thus, it is advisable to shop around before assuming PODS is the better moving option.

Is it worth it to hire movers?

Absolutely! Hiring professional movers ensures your possessions are properly packed and secured for the move. This helps protect your valuables, electronics, and other personal possessions from damage. When you hire a professional mover, they will do the heavy lifting and logistical planning for you. The moving company will provide all the boxes and packing materials so you don’t have to worry about them. This can significantly reduce the stress associated with moving and make it easier for you to focus on the logistics of getting set up in your new home.